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Aryan Pandey



Aryan Pandey, a Buddhist migrant worker from Nepal, lives and works in Peckham South East London. Aryan is unsure whether he is undergoing a spiritual awakening or suffering from symptoms of mental psychosis. 


Absurd visions of a disturbing nature plagues Aryan’s mind. Confronted by Dar, the demonic personification of fear, Aryan realises escape in his current mental state is virtually impossible. His journey for sanity unfolds through midnight battles fuelled by meditation and determination, challenging him to confront Dar to win back his sanity. Flight is not an option.


Through deep meditation and exercise, Aryan gains the strength, courage and willpower to face Dar in the heat of midnight. 

Is Aryan Pandey suffering from mental psychosis? or is Aryan experiencing a spiritual awakening?

May the answer be revealed to YOU.

Chasing Visions Presents



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Dark Revival – The Cycle of Existence is a phenomenological film of cultural significance. The film aims to engage, enrich and enlighten diverse audiences on the mental and physical challenges we face in our search to find meaning to life in a world of mysteries and phenomena.

Mental Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening ?
A Question in Search of an Answer

At the heart of the film lies a burning question left to the audience to answer: Is Aryan Pandey suffering from mental psychosis? or is Aryan experiencing a spiritual awakening?

The film encourages audience to actively observe and interpret the events depicted in the film to determine whether they believe Aryan is suffering from mental psychosis or going through a spiritual awakening.

The key objective of Dark Revival - The Cycle of Existence is to foster conversations on the

human condition and psyche relating to

mental health and spirituality .


Research and Development

The cultural practices and belief systems people adhere to shape their understanding of life and the human condition.

In relation to religion and mental health, the 2021Census (ONS) revealed that 57% of people in England and Wales subscribe to a religious faith.


NHS reported that approximately one in four adults will experience at least one problem with their mental health in any given year.

At present there is no available data to determine what percentage of adults in the UK, who experience problems with their mental health, subscribe to a religious faith.


Religion and Mental Health


Many religious people may fear disclosing their mental illness due to the perception and stigmas associated with mental health within their communities. A significant proportion may also view their mental health problems as a form of spiritual warfare and not a mental disorder. Therefore the number of people experiencing challenges with their mental health could in fact be higher considering that over half of the population of England and Wales subscribe to a religious faith. Dark Revival - The Cycle of Existence, depicts how fears of stigmatisation impacts Aryan’s inability to confide in others about his mental health problems.

Stigmas Associated with Mental Illness


Research into mental health treatment was conducted during the period Dipak Sharma was undergoing treatment for his mental illness from the Southwark Home Treatment Team.

Below are examples, with excerpts of mental health tips recommended by

Southwark Home Treatment Team, that were used to show how Aryan Pandey copes

with his mental health challenges during his existential crisis.

NHS Southwark Home Treatment Team

IMG_Cold Water.jpg

Research on mental health treatment 

A Deep Dive into The Dark Recess of The Mind

IMG_Cold Water.jpg

A Positive Distraction: Solving the Puzzle of life


Aryan is depicted in a few scenes trying to solve the Pyraminx puzzle which alludes to Aryan’s efforts to figure out how to overcome his mental health problems.


Exercising In The DarkBuilding Mental and Physical Strength


Through intense exercise, Aryan builds the  mental and physical strength to face his fears in the heat of midnight.



Film Stills


My name is Dipak Sharma and I am from Nepal.

I have been living in Southwark since 2009.

I have always wanted to be an actor from a young age. I still have fond memories of watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day for the first time and remember vividly the impression it left on me as a young boy.

Ever since then, I knew I wanted to be an actor. I dreamt about it a lot growing up but never really believed I would ever get the chance to live my dream because of the lack of opportunities and poverty that surrounded me growing up in Nepal.

I was excited when Harry told me about his idea for a short film titled A RAY OF LIGHT. Harry gave me the opportunity to play the main character, despite not having any professional acting experience at the time. Harry said he could see the potential in me and believed I possessed the qualities to become a great actor.

We started working on the Proof of Concept for the short film in May 2016. I wasn’t able to commit to the project due to my personal circumstances and mental health breakdown.

My parents were experiencing financial difficulties in Nepal.

Dipak Sharma 
My Battles with Mental Health

Dipak Sharma.jpeg

My wife was expecting our first child. I found it very difficult to support my family in Nepal and London.


I received long-term treatment from NHS Southwark Home Treatment Team during this period of my life.Unfortunately the short film project did not progress pass the proof of concept stage.

The birth of my son had a positive and profound effect on my mental health and general wellbeing. The joy of becoming a father for the first time gave me a new perspective of life.

I contacted Harry in 2019 and asked him about the film project. Harry informed me that he was working on a script for a short film titled DARK REVIVAL.

Harry later decided to turn the short into a full feature phenomenological film titled


The film draws inspiration from various aspects of my life experiences and spiritual beliefs.

We wrapped up shooting in 2022. I told Harry that I could relate to Aryan Pandey’s struggle and plight. Harry laughed a little and
said, “Aryan Pandey is probably thinking
he can relate to Dipak Sharma”.

Dipak Sharma: My Battles with Mental Health




Dipak Sharma

Dipak Sharma is a producer, actor and director of Chasing Visions.

Dipak loves to workout with friends and family in his spare time.


A real people’s person, Dipak believes in the power of film to entertain, educate and enlighten.  Dipak hopes to be a positive influence within his community and beyond.




Stella Villettaz

Dipak Sharma: My Battles with Mental Health


Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Romanian, Stella Villettaz is a professional Italian film actress based in London. She plays the role of Sarah who is Aryan’s love interest in Dark Revival. 


Stella is a versatile actress capable of playing a diverse range of characters from different backgrounds. Athletic and energetic, she loves yoga, running and strength training.


Edward Neburagho was born in Lewisham to Nigerian parents. 

A multi-talented individual, Edward holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Technology from South Bank University and a Master’s degree in Professional Software Development from Ulster University.


Making his acting debut in Dark Revival, Edward plays Joseph who coaches Aryan on health and fitness as well as life issues. Edward currently works as a freelancer creating apps and websites.


Edward Neburagho


Dipak Sharma: My Battles with Mental Health


Born and raised in Nepal, Shree Ram Bhandari is a highly passionate actor, musician, singer and a songwriter.


Shree Ram is making his acting debut in Dark Revival. He plays Kushal, an overstayer and undocumented worker in the UK. Shree Ram currently works as an assistant manager in hospitality




Harry Alemu


Shree Ram Bhandari


Harry Alemu is a London based filmmaker, photographer, creative writer, sound designer and illustrator. Harry graduated from London Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) in Cinematics. Harry loves to explore visuals and sounds to create ideological narratives within a social mysticism context.

Chasing Visions Ltd own the original screenplay for Dark Revival - The Cycle of Existence written by Harry Alemu.

Film Composer

Oleta Hafner 

Oleta Haffner, a composer based in the United Kingdom, channels her deep passion for storytelling into her musical compositions. Her collaborative spirit has led her to work with directors across a spectrum of mediums, including films, animations, and theatre productions. She has also composed music for the concert hall. 


In 2022, Oleta won the inaugural Jonas Gwangwa Composition Initiative Award which was presented by The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The initiative aims to foster broader representation in film music composition, with an emphasis on Black British talent. 

Oleta Haffner 1 LR copy.jpg

Production Manager

Jacqueline Velazquez Carruana


Jacqueline Velazquez Carruana was born in La Habana, Cuba. Growing up, she was a highly energetic child who participated in various sports such as karate, Taekwondo, swimming, dancing, and acting.


Jaqueline moved to Spain at the age of 13. During her teenage years in Spain, Jacqueline faced challenges, but persevered, adapting to her new environment and taking on responsibilities at a young age by starting work at 14 to support herself and her family. 


After completing college, she pursued her passion for beauty and hairdressing, which led to working with renowned individuals for prominent TV programs in prestigious locations.


At the age of 25, Jacqueline moved to London to enhance her English skills and fell in love with the vibrant city, deciding to make it her permanent home. She has a deep love and passion for sports, dancing, reading, travelling, food, and meeting new people.

Pranisha Pande 

Production Coordinator 

Pranisha Pande is originally from Nepal. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2009. Pranisha is a happily married mum of two beautiful kids and currently works in the hospitality industry. Pranisha loves reading books, cooking, travelling and fitness.


Production Assistant 

Jessica Righetto

Jessica Righetto is an entrepreneur and founder/director of Italiano Next Door. Jessica has a passion for learning and self-discovery.


Jessica approaches life with enthusiasm, embracing challenges as opportunities for improvement. She loves travelling, immersing herself in nature, practicing sports, playing music and dancing.



Alessandro Spitaleri

A young talent from Italy, Alessandro Spitaleri is a London based art director and hairstylist. Alessandro loves beauty, fashion and has a passion for photography. 



Yitbarek Michael 

Originally from Ethiopia, Yitbarek Michael lives in London and works within the construction industry. Yitbarek loves filmmaking, exercising and learning about African history. 


Dinesh Sharma 

Best Boy


Dinesh Sharma is originally from Nepal. He currently lives in London and works in hospitality. Prior to settling in the UK, Dinesh lived in Tokyo Japan for 9 years and is fluent in English, Japanese, Nepali and Hindi. Dinesh loves travelling and spending time with his wife and baby daughter. 


Originally from Jamaica, Richie M Ferguson moved to the UK in 2001. He currently lives in South London with his wife and four beautiful kids. Richie 

enjoys playing football and going to the gym. He currently works in the

haulage industry.

Richie M Ferguson

Sound Mixer


Dark Revival - The Cycle of Existence is currently in post-production.

Expected completion date is May 2024.

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