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Dark Revival The Cycle of Existence

Feature Running Time: 91 Minutes

Project Status: Post-Production 


Dark Revival - The Cycle of Existence is a story about Aryan Pandey's internal struggle to free his mind from Dar, the demonic personification of fear. ​


Aryan Pandey, a Buddhist migrant worker from Nepal lives and works in Peckham South East London.

Aryan is unsure whether he is undergoing a spiritual awakening or suffering from symptoms of mental psychosis.


Absurd visions of a disturbing nature plagues Aryan’s mind. A close encounter with Dar places Aryan on edge with the chilling realisation that he must defeat Dar to win back his sanity. Flight is not an option.


Through deep meditation and exercise, Aryan gains the strength, courage and willpower to face Dar in the heat of midnight. 


Is Aryan Pandey suffering from mental psychosis or is Aryan experiencing a spiritual awakening?

May the answer be revealed to you.

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